Maximize Space and Budget with Wall Mounts

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Maximize Space and Budget with Wall Mounts


Wall-mounted basketball systems are a great choice for facilities looking for a non-portable court option, or where low ceiling heights or obstructions make it difficult to accommodate ceiling-hung systems. Wall mounts are a popular style because they’re cost-effective, compatible with many backboard and rim styles, and their telescopic post design allows for easier installation and onsite adjustment. So, once you’ve decided on the wall-mount style for your facility, just how do you choose which type is best for your needs? Let’s break down the different types available and how they’re used!

Stationary Wall Mounts

Stationary wall mounts are non-folding, fixed systems that always remain in the playing position. This style is best suited for facilities that do not need to move their basketball systems out of the way for other sports or activities on the court. Many manufacturers offer stationary wall mounts in two styles – three-point stationary and four-point stationary.

Three-point stationary wall mounts are connected to the wall at three locations – the two upper corners of the backboard, and at the goal (rim). This direct-goal attachment allows the load during dunking to go directly to the wall mount structure instead of putting more stress on the board, making it the strongest and most durable wall mount configuration available. Three-point wall mounts are available as stationary only. On the other hand, four-point stationary wall mounts are attached to the wall at the four corners of the backboard. Four-point wall mounts are a more popular style than three-points; however, they don’t offer the direct-goal attachment to reduce stress on the board. Both three-point and four-point stationary wall mounts can be used with backboard height adjusters for all-age play and are typically offered with choice of extension length from 2’ up to 12’ from the wall to the backboard, depending on your space and court requirements.

Folding Wall Mounts

Folding wall mounts offer versatility for facilities that need to be able to move their units out of the way for other court activities on a regular basis. Folding systems are offered in two styles – side-fold or fold-up. Side-fold wall mounts fold the board, rim, and structure horizontally against the wall in the stored position, providing a great option for courts that cannot use fold-up systems because of obstructions or structures above their backboard. Side-folds can be moved to the side manually with a handle, or an electric actuator can be added for convenient operation. Fold-up wall mounts are also movable, folding the board, rim, and structure up vertically into the stored position. It should be noted that fold-ups do not fold completely flat and will have 14-18” between the wall mount and the wall when stored. Fold-ups are typically operated up and down using a manual winch, but users can upgrade to an electric hoist if desired. Both side-fold and fold-up wall mounts can be used with backboard height adjusters and are generally available with extension lengths from 4’ up to 12’ from the wall to the backboard to accommodate varying facility spaces.

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