Soccer Goal Maintenance

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Soccer Goal Maintenance


Soccer goal maintenance is so important to ensure player safety and the health of your goals! We can help with some quick tips so you know what to look for and how to spot areas of concern. As always, contact your goal manufacturer for questions related to your specific goals. Start off by giving each soccer goal a general visual inspection all around the goal. Be sure to write down any areas of concern, like broken or missing parts. Check all hardware and tighten any loose hardware or replace any that is missing. Make sure all connecting joints in the framing are tight and secure and inspect frame rails to see if they are true and straight and not bowing or bent.

Next, look at all anchoring components and repair or replace any broken or missing parts. This step is crucially important (especially for portable goals) as any problems or broken parts could result in the soccer goal falling over and causing serious injury or death.

Netting should also be inspected, as holes could pose tripping hazards and errant balls. Look for wear, holes, and torn rope and replace as needed. Check all netting clips and replace missing or broken clips as needed.

Ideally, inspections should be done at the beginning and end of each season, or at least twice a year if used year-round. If you require a professional, be sure to contact the goal manufacturer for recommendations on a certified installer or repair person in your area. If done regularly and properly, maintaining your soccer goals will keep them performing for many years and ensure players are playing on safe and reliable equipment.